Friday, February 25, 2011

Lulu's Adventures at the Grocery Store: #1 Eggs with Cheese

Katie has been nagging me to get an article up, so I decided to go the quick and easy route; my ongoing saga with weird guys who come up to me at the grocery store. This tale is the first incident in 2011...

I recently moved back in to live with my sister and her family, and I am the de facto chef because my sister is a terrible cook. So, I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart during the middle of day on a Tuesday in January. The only other reasonably close grocery store option is Kroger, which is pretty expensive, and I only shop there for certain things.

So, I am minding my own business while standing in front of the refrigerated cheese section with another random woman. We are both trying to stay out of the way as we figured out which cheeses we needed when a man walks up and starts looking at cheese too. He then asks me, "Have you ever had eggs with cheese? Someone told me it's really good."

It seemed like a slightly weird question to me, so I look at him more closely. He's nicely dressed, appears to be in his late 30's, above average looking, and seemed fairly harmless. So, I replied, "Yes. All the time." He replies, "That's good. So how do you cook it? Do you have any recipes?"

I'm thinking..."Really?! You just cook eggs and slap shredded cheese on it. How is there even a recipe for that?!" It wasn't so much the questions he asked, but how he asked them that seemed a bit strange. However, politeness usually prevails with me, so I reply..."I just cook eggs however I want them that day and put a little sprinkle of cheese on it."

I go back to selecting cheese. Only I'm not really paying attention to him anymore and don't realize he continues talking about how his friend says it was really good, and he wanted to try it...Blah, blah, blah. When I finally realize that he has still been talking at me about eggs with cheese for the last several minutes, I exchange looks with the woman who has been standing there during this entire exchange and the other guy who had walked up during this fiasco. The look on my face clearly says, "Is this really happening to me?!" The looks they gave back said, "Yes, this is really happening, it's a little weird, and 100% awkward."

I decide to pretend that none of this is happened, and split to a different section of the store. If he had tried to make conversation about something else besides eggs with cheese after the initial opening, I probably would have been willing to converse. As it was, he came off as a guy lacking basic conversational skills and an inability to understand social cues. No go!

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  1. I have to give the guy credit for having the guts to approach you at a grocery store. I, for one, am way too shy for that. But as socially awkward as I can be at initiating conversations with new people, even I know that an impromptu conversation about the merits of mixing dairy products is probably not the best way to a girl's heart. Sounds like you handled it as well as possible though, and I'm looking forward to the future stories (in an admittedly schadenfreude-ish sort of way!).

  2. lol! This is so funny. This happened to me yesterday. I was waiting in line at the bank machine. Minding my own business. This guy walks in and stands behind me. He makes a joke about how he never sees anyone shorter than him. I just smile and giggle and keep minding my own business. HE THEN talks continuously about his nephew and how tall he is and he calls him a little shit and he's the one that got that nickname from the beginning. A guy at the atm looks at me .. and we had the same thought of "wtf guy!" LOL!!! I didn't even say anything, he just kept on chatting it up!!!! hahaa.. totally your cheese and eggs story!

  3. This is mega-awkward. UGH. What to do? What to do?