Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Chang Bistro - Clearwater Beach, FL

Chang BistroIt's no secret that I am a big fan of Thai cuisine.  So when I was down here in Clearwater Beach back in January, and I saw signs for a new Thai restaurant opening up, I got super excited.  Now, I'm back down here again, and I jumped at the chance to visit the newly opened Chang Bistro.

My parents and I visited fairly late on a Monday night (around 9pm), and it was pretty quiet.  All the staff were super friendly... we were promptly greeted and given our choice of table, and asked for our drink orders.  Our waiter then came out, and asked us if it was our first time at the restaurant, and told us about the specials.  Me, being me, I already knew what I wanted before I even arrived - I always test out a new Thai restaurant by ordering Pad Thai and Spring Rolls, so that I can see how they compare, from venue to venue.

Spring RollsWe ordered two Spring Roll appetizers, so that we could share.  They were brought out piping hot and delicious.  The presentation was beautiful - the appetizer, and all the following dishes, each had a single purple orchid in the corner of the plate.  A very unique touch.  One thing I noticed was that the Spring Rolls were not served with the same sort of sauce as in Toronto.  At home, Thai restaurants (not the fast food places) serve spring rolls with a very liquidy chilli pepper sauce.  Here, it was served with a thicker plum sauce.  Still good, but I do sort of prefer the kick that the pepper gives to the spring rolls.
My parents' entrees included soup, which was brought out next.  They both said their soup was great.

Pad ThaiMy Pad Thai was very good.  It was the perfect amount of sauce - not too dry, but not too saucy.  The chicken was just on the cusp of being a little bit overcooked.  Some of the smaller pieces were a bit too dry, but mostly it was delicious and tender.  The portion was huge! I'm pretty sure I brought home leftovers enough for both lunch and dinner.

Bangkok ChickenMy mom ordered a dish called Bangkok Chicken.  It was a breaded chicken topped with a garlic mixture, and served with rice and mixed vegetables.  I sneaked a little taste in, and it was great!  The menu suggested that it was a spicy dish, but I didn't find it overly spicy at all.  It was just right.  The chicken was sliced really thin, and it was also a pretty large portion.  We brought some of that home with us too.

Grilled PompanoMy dad ordered one of the specials of the day.  It was grilled pompano fish, served with scallops, rice and mixed vegetables.  I tried some of his scallops, and they were great!  He really enjoyed his meal, and was the only one of us to not bring home any leftovers (though his portion was pretty big too! haha)

I would definitely go back here again, and if you find yourself in the Clearwater Beach area, I would recommend that you check it out too!  As we were leaving, the hostess offered us a coupon redeemable at breakfast, and told us that they serve up some really great breakfast food every morning.  Will have to check that out sometime too!

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