Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner

I am one of those girls that prefers the natural look, but sometimes I love to put on a little bit of eyeliner. Perhaps this stems back from the days before I had laser eye surgery, when any type of makeup getting into my contacts would send me running into the nearest bathroom, tears streaming out of my eyes.

It seems like I've tried every single eyeliner out there in existence, at least in pencil form. Some liners are too dry, and tug at the eyelids, and others go on too heavy or thick, creating a much more dramatic look than I was hoping for. Lately I've tried using MAC eye shadow with their 266 Small Angle Brush, but it feels like it takes a lot more time to get the colour density that I'm used to. I've also tried using liquid liner, but its far too dramatic for the rest of my mostly makeup-free face.

The other day, I came across the Brush-On Cream Liner by Clinique. I was hesitant at first, and probably asked more questions than the makeup artist was used to, but I took the plunge ($16 at The Bay in Canada). I love it. Truly, absolutely, madly, deeply, positively love it. It goes on silky smooth, it doesn't tug on my eyelids, doesn't smudge after drying (about 30 seconds), yet comes off easily with soap and water. I've even slept in it, and it stays put. It goes on as thick or thin, light or dark as I want. And what's best, for the price, it will last me forever. It even comes with a little brush!

What is your favourite beauty product?
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  1. Glad you found something that works for you!
    Me and eyeliner have a nonexistant relationship. I've tried pencils, liquids...you name it. I find it all is either hard to apply or makes me look like a, um, crack whore (delightful image, no?). So I skip the eyeliner.

    I am currently on the hunt for foundation and mascara. I'm not so happy with the stuff I've been using anymore so am on the hunt for new stuff. If anyone has any suggestions...fire 'em out there!

    As far as my fave products: I got a set of 4 eyeshadows in purple from the Body Shop and a set of mini brushes. I love that stuff! The colors are great, they go on and stay put. I can make them as soft or as dramatic as I want. And the brushes are great, easy to handle and easily portable. Great stuff!

  2. I would no idea how to apply that correctly!

    I usually buy whatever is on sale!

  3. Erin - Right now I am using Almay Smart Shades pressed powder, without using any concealer or liquid. They're basically a pressed powder that works much like the Bare Minerals type mineral powder. The only thing I've found is that I have to have really clean skin - any dry spots or whatever the bumps on the nose are - will show up quite dramatically, so I use a peel off face mask a couple of times a week. I don't like foundation, but this helps even out my skin tones, and I love it! Next time I'll probably switch to Bare Minerals. I've also had great great great luck with the Jane Iredale mineral powders but they are very expensive - around $56 a container.

  4. Right now I'm just using drug store stuff (yeah, I know...some of it is OK, some of it not so much) Usually CoverGirl, or whatever is on sale when I need to get more.
    I have skin that easily gets dry, but at the same time is oily. I'm also red on either side of my nose so I need something that covers and evens, that doesn't dry my skin out but isn't too oily. I hate that getting a make up that works for you takes trial and error, which also requires funding.

  5. What is my favorite... Hmmmm...

    My favorite MAC product would definitely be the liquid blush cream product. It's glorious!

    I make a wonderful body scrub that is divine. mmmmmm

    The rest of my favorite products aren't really products. I love my foam rollers! I love my coconut oil for moisturizer! I love my Body Shop washcloth/scratchy shower scrub.

    I could go on forever!!!

  6. Ok, I am way too broke and cheap to spend much money on makeup. Imagine my surprise when I went to Target and discovered the Elf brand. I got the liner like the Clinque one you have pictured and it was great! And get this $3!!! I also got a lip gloss and fake lashes (don't ask, those didn't go over well). Everything seemed to be $1, $3 or $5. I will try out some other products for sure!

  7. Haha, Sarah! I love that E.L.F. brand! I discovered it a few years ago online, and when I visited a Target store in the US, I actually bought a bunch of things and brought them back to my coworkers, cause we were all psyched to hear about $1 makeup!

    It's not really my go-to makeup... but I do love that I can get funky colours and such for not too much money :)