Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pre Fall 2012: Jason Wu

Maybe you've heard of Jason Wu before, maybe you haven't (chances are you haven't).  He's a lesser-known designer who got his big break when he dressed Michelle Obama for the 2009 Inaugural Ball.  Since then he's risen in the ranks and improved not only his tailoring, but his supply of fabrics and materials as well.

Counting Mrs. Obama as one of your biggest fans has certainly worked in his favour and I'm glad because he showed real potential at the beginning of his career.  In his angst-filled, gothic Pre Fall 2012 collection, Wu illustrates his love for strict tailoring, embellishment and transparent fabrics.  Echoing the designs of Givenchy and Alexander McQueen, Wu has come a long way in terms of artistry and craftsmanship.  His vision has noticeably expanded, allowing for a more sophisticated, luxurious design capsule. 

Perhaps, in years to come, this show will serve as a turning point in Jason Wu's design career.  No longer the bright-eyed, hopeful fashion ingenue, but a leader in the ever-shifting world of fashion design.

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