Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My picks for the best & worst dressed stars at the 2013 Golden Globes

Whilst watching the Golden Globes this past Sunday, I thought that instead of doing my typical "best dressed list" post, wouldn't it be cool if I could narrow the list down to a single one? Everyone and their mothers put together a best dressed list but how many people actually just choose ONE person who made the biggest impact (fashion-wise) that night?
Drumroll please!
And the winner is ... MICHELLE DOCKERY in Alexandre Vauthier!

Honestly? How is it even possible for a mere mortal to look this stunning? Everything about this gown (not to mention her hair and makeup) was flawless! At first, I thought maybe she was wearing an Alexander McQueen creation because the style and embroidery on this dress are quite similar to ones the late designer created himself. But, after doing a little quick-fingered research online, I discovered that Dockery chose another British designer by the name of Alexandre Vauthier.

And now for my worst dressed star at the 2013 Golden Globes:

Most of you are probably going to disagree with my choice, but hear me out. The reason why I picked her is because I'm tired of her overexposure (I'm not even entirely certain why she keeps getting invited to this prestigious film and TV event, seeing as how she has contributed very little to either of those fields). There's very little merit in continually exposing the entire length of your body at these types of industry events - we get it. You're curvy and you have a great ass. But enough woman! You look like you're wearing my grandmother's lace tablecloth. And before someone accuses me of being jealous, just know that I can totally appreciate a good-looking woman when I see one (and this is certainly not one of those times).

JENNIFER LOPEZ in Zuhair Murad.

Let me know who your two picks were for best and worst dressed at the 2013 Golden Globes!

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  1. I loved Kerry Washington. My worst dressed would prob be Helena Bonham.

    1. Kerry Washington looked so sweet! Helena is such a riot though - I didn't have the heart to pick her as my worst dressed LOL

  2. I agree about J Lo... her dress just looks tacky!