Monday, February 25, 2013

Best (& Worst) Dressed at the 2013 Oscars!

This was the first time IN YEARS that I didn't sit down to watch the Academy Awards. I'm serious. I've been watching the Oscars since I was very young and I've never missed a year (even when my Aunt was in labour at the hospital, I made the nurses turn on her TV so that I wouldn't miss the ceremony!). I just wasn't crazy about any of the nominees this year, plus I found that a lot of the films nominated for Best Picture were too politically grounded in their themes and leanings.

However, having said all that, I still made a point to check out what all the stars were wearing come Oscar night! So, without further ado here are my three picks for Best Dressed (and one for Worst) at the 2013 Academy Awards:

Samantha Barks: Les Miserables was her first Hollywood film and this was her first Academy Awards ceremony and she certainly played it safe in a simple, streamlined black v-neck gown. Her accessories were kept to a bare minimum and her hair was gracefully pulled off her face. Everything about this look was graceful and understated; she stood out like a beacon on the red carpet against stars who looked as if they were being swallowed alive by their puffy, excessive designer gowns. Bravo Ms. Barks - come again next year, won't you?
Samantha Barks

Naomi Watts: There's something about this dress that just SPEAKS to me. It's the sparkle! The geometric neckline! It's the drape (thanks, no doubt, to the hefty weight of the gown itself)! Watts simply looks stunning in this creation and, again, like Samantha Barks, she keeps her accessories to a minimum only opting for a pair of drop earrings and a cuff bracelet. In the past, Naomi Watts has always carried herself with grace and poise at these Hollywood events, so it's really no surprise that she's landed on my Best Dressed list this year!
Naomi Watts

Charlize Theron: Really? Can this woman do ANY wrong? She could show up covered from head to toe in a freaking GARBAGE BAG and she'd still land on everyone's Best Dressed list! She is perfection personified. Always ladylike and perfectly pulled together, she makes me want to play dress-up every time I see her at one of these awards ceremonies. And, I think I spotted a trend here: she wore hardly any accessories! I love that! I hate it when stars seek to overpower their gowns by dripping themselves in gaudy diamonds and gems only to prove a point (that they can afford it and you can't). 
Charlize Theron

And now for my pick of Worst Dressed of the evening:

Kristen Stewart: Oh dear, I really didn't want to do this to the poor girl (seeing as how she went through a terrible cheating scandal late last year), but seriously? Dude couldn't have picked a more awkward dress. I'm not even sure if it's the way she carried herself on the red carpet, or if the gown was genuinely awkward! She's just so weird when it comes to these events - and I'm not saying she's ugly (because she's NOT), I just think she's really shy. And she probably doesn't even want to be there. So, you know what Kristen? Just stay home next time and watch the ceremony on your big screen TV. I'll bring the popcorn!
Kristen Stewart

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  1. Nice pics!

    I think K-Stew was also on crutches, so that could have something to do with her pose...

    1. And by pics, I meant "PICKS" ugh.

    2. Yeah, I heard she had cut her foot. But still, even without the crutches, she's just so awkward all the time! And dude, seriously? Brush your hair! --not you, obviously Kates lol

  2. Great post! I completely agree with Charlize and Naomi! My two faves of the night. I don't agree with Samantha Barks though... when they showed her live on TV, her dress came off as VERY slutty-looking! Wasn't into it. For me, the ultimate worst though was Anne Hathaway... dear LORD!
    P.S. Vanessa... you should definitely make it a point to see several of the nominated films.. this was one year where they were nearly all fantastic! ;)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I wanted to include Anne on my list as Worst Dressed, but I honestly didn't think her Prada gown was THAT bad (a little bit 90s but not horrid by any means).

      The only nominated film I saw was Les Miserables - but I really want to see Lincoln. Everyone keeps raving about Argo (including the Academy lol) but it's really not my type of movie. It's way too political for my liking.