Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Time.. no more hibernating

Spring is this upcoming Wednesday March 20, 2013. What does that mean? Well for those of you that have been in hibernation mode since mid- November, you'll finally be coming out. :) Spring is more than the end of winter and the Spring equinox, it is a time of re-birth. The flowers start to slowly sprout and show color, trees start to blossom and there is more daylight outside to enjoy.

Spring is also a time to start enjoying the outdoors a lot more. People often bypass going outside for long periods of time due to the cold weather, especially if there is wind chill involved. I am one of those people but I tend to stay out for a bit just to get some fresh air. 

There are great things to do outside in the spring, such as biking, hiking, walking and running. I've found a great website where you can meet up with like minded people that enjoy doing things outdoors. I always like doing different things, but a lot of times I can never find people to do things with. The website is called I'm sure many of you have heard of it or even use it. For those that haven't I highly recommend it. They have everything from hiking, book clubs, photography clubs, language practice and many more. You can join and create your own meet ups and through that you can meet new people and discover things that you might not have had a chance to try. 

Spring is almost here and it is time to get out there and enjoy it. Try something new to challenge yourself. :)

What are your favorite spring activities? Are you one that likes spring or are you plagued with allergies that turn you off from doing anything outdoors?

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