Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The big chop!

Well, I did it. And when I say "it," I mean IT. The big chop. As in, my hair is gone!

It didn't take much of an effort either; just some very sharp scissors and a little bit of cash. Oh, and some balls. Mind you, I've never been very attached to my hair - obviously it's been attached to my head, but to my psyche? Hardly. I could take it or leave it because in the long run, I know it'll grow back. When I was little, my Mom always kept my hair short in a bob style because it was quite thin and fine, so it really didn't look good long. In high school I followed my best friend Katie and chopped it off into a short, spikey hairstyle (with way too much gel for my liking), and then slowly grew it out into makeshift dreadlocks (my favourite band at the time was Korn, leave me alone).

Please excuse the shitty quality, I had to use my work computer's camera :/
I quite like the shape of my eyebrows in this (nevermind my hair)

So that's what my hair looks like now. Like it? It's a lot easier to maintain than long hair - all I have to do now is shampoo it once and just give it a quick blow-dry. No styling products or tools needed (believe it or not, I don't even use a brush whilst blow-drying it)! Admittedly, it looks its best in the morning, after I sleep on it all night.

Before I chopped all of it off, my hair was the longest it's ever been in my life! It fell past my breasts in long straight strands. But, because my hair is incredibly fine, it didn't look so hot down so I always had to resort to tying it back in either a ponytail or a bun. That was way too much maintenance and effort for me (I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to hair upkeep).

If you've been debating whether or not to cut your hair, I say do it! You may miss it a little once it's gone, but you'll feel like a new woman afterwards (trust me on this). Plus, it's fun to play around with your new cut and see which styles work best for you - and which styles to avoid. You can dress up your shorter crop with headbands and clip-in bows and flowers, not to mention dainty strands of ribbon!

Have fun with it and remember that it's just hair; it'll grow back! 
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  1. wow. you're brave. i had to cut my hair from mermaid waves to a bob because i dyed it so much and i cried...now it grows but...i'm just not brave when it comes to my hair.

  2. You also have great bone structure and an angular face. I am all cheeks and 6'2" with a large frame. Not to sure the bob cut would work for me... :( My laziness side of me would love short hair!)