Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Music Review: Moist Reunion Tour

I was a Canadian teen in the 90s.  That means I grew up with the absolute BEST music known to man. Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Age of Electric... Most Americans (except for a select few wise ones) had no idea the goldmine of music we were hiding up here - but we Canadians revelled in it.  We knew what we had, and we were out there standing in line in -20° weather to be the first in line to catch our favourite bands.

Fast forward 20 years... and so begin the reunion shows!  Now, some of the bands stayed together, but their music sort of lost a bit of the magical appeal it once held (Our Lady Peace).  Other bands dropped some members and replaced them with other people, which also made them lose a bit of their magical appeal, and they drifted off after a few years (I Mother Earth).  Some new bands formed out of the discarded members of other bands, and they are actually really cool (Crash Karma).  But there is nothing like a solid reunion show, where they play nothing but the old songs.

Me and my sister, then and now! My, how things change.  Especially eyebrows.

When Moist announced that they were going to do a 6-city "Resurrection" tour, I was instantly jealous of the city of Toronto.  When it occurred to me that I was home, the date hadn't past yet, and the show wasn't sold out... I was SO STOKED! I bought tickets for myself and my sister (concert buddies for life!!), and planned to meet up with a bunch of my other friends.  It was just like old times!

This is a kind of crappy picture because there was a light directly overhead and it cast some weird shadows. But yay! All of us together at a Moist show!

The opening act wasn't my cup of tea at all.  I'm glad we were only there for a song and a half, even though it seemed like an eternity.  But as soon as Moist hit the stage with the opening notes to Tangerine, it was like being transported back 20 years in time, and it felt like I'd never left.  I still can't figure out what happened in all those 20 years!  But I am pretty sure David Usher must have encountered The Doctor at some point, because he looks and acts as young as he did back then. He's discovered the fountain of youth!

We started out at the back of the venue, towards the sound board, but there were lots of tall people in front of us.  Eventually we made our way to the front / left side of the stage and the energy was just so much more intense!

Moist played all their hits and a few non-singles from each of their albums.  Songs that I didn't even expect them to pull out, like Believe Me, off of their 1994 cd, Silver.  I believe it was all the original members of the band except for drummer Paul Wilcox - he left the band with a back injury in 1999 and retired from music.  On drums for this show was David Usher's drummer, Francis Fillion.

There's a really great article/interview with David Usher at Chill Magazine if you want to read about the reasons behind them getting back together and their future plans.  As for me - I just can't wait until they release some new tour dates!!

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