Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Couch to 5K

As I mentioned in my Groupon Fun post, I'm going to be completing my first ever 5K at the end of May, the Color Me Rad run, courtesy of Groupon and a my also adventurous and fun loving friends. But it's not like I could just get up one day and run 3.1 miles. Especially considering how I've put my workouts on the back burner the last few weeks.
In an effort to not completely embarrass myself at Color Me Rad, I've begun a Couch to 5K program. Have you heard of them? Basically, they help you work your way up to being able to complete a 5K. You follow the workouts 3-5 times a week and you build up the stamina to finish this distance run, or at least be able to job the whole thing. I pinned a few different ones before I realized that I needed something a little easier than a random image from the internet. So off to the Google Play store I went.

I looked for a free C25K app and read reviews on the first few listings. I wanted one that would allow me to listen to music while running, because otherwise, it'd be pretty boring. I also wanted something simple and easy to follow. I chose C25K - 5K Trainer FREE by Zen Labs. It has prompts letting you know when to walk or run, telling you the halfway point in your run and keeping track of how many of your weekly workouts you have completed. I'm able to put on Pandora and hear the notifications through my music.
So far, I completed the first week of running. But then I had an event on Saturday and was still recovering Sunday, so... I'm restarting. It was difficult to get started, I won't lie, but not as terrible as I expected. It makes me happy to think that this will be something I'm able to accomplish after all, and I'm happy to work towards that goal. I'll keep you updated on my progress and I hope you'll check out this app or other ways to get your fitness in.

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  1. Oh this is AWESOME!! I literally *just* graduated from C25k, and I was using the same app!! I was going to write my own post about it too LOL... great minds think alike :)
    I know how much of a hurdle it can be to get through the entire program - I've tried it three times before LOL. This is the first time I've successfully gone through the entire thing and ran a 5k!

    I would recommend using another app in conjunction with the C25k app though - I use either RunKeeper or Nike+ - my reasoning behind that is because both these apps have GPS tracking in them, and they'll tell you your pace per mile, which the C25k free app does not. I started with RunKeeper, but when I moved back to Canada, I realized that I'd have to do treadmill running, and the RunKeeper app isn't really great for that, so I downloaded the Nike+. I generally run both apps simultaneously now.

    I'm hoping to run my first official 5k in May too :)

    Congrats on starting - keep us updated on your progress, and feel free to chat me up if you need encouragement! :) Good luck!

  2. Haha I just downloaded this app the other day and I am participating in Color Me Rad too :) Good luck on your training.