Friday, March 7, 2014

Groupon Fun

Has anyone out there not heard of Groupon or Living Social? Or taken advantage of a one of their deals? Because they really are a treasure trove of fun things to do for a little less coin. The findings on these deal sites can make for a great night out with your friends or that special someone.

The newest deal in my area is $39 for a MythBusters exhibition. My husband and I aren’t huge geeks, but this seems like a fun date for us. The deal includes two tickets, a parking pass, admission to the rest of the museum in addition to the exhibit, and an IMAX movie. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’ll be chatting with him about this.

Other fantastic date night deals abound. One deal offers a sushi making class with sake tasting, which can be a playful way to get to know someone without feeling too much pressure to make constant conversation. Other fun deals include a mystery dinner show and tickets to local comedy clubs. Looking to try a new restaurant with your significant other? Check out deals for eateries in your area -- one of my best friends found a fantastic noodle restaurant in Atlanta through Groupon.

But perhaps you’re single and just wanting to have fun with friends or even on your own. Well, Groupon and Living Social can still save you money! This past fall, I attended a Backstreet Boys concert, having fond memories of their songs and dance moves from my youth. (I’ll save you the trouble of trying to figure out my age and tell you that I just turned 30 two weeks ago.) The seats were actually pretty good and the concert was a BLAST!! I went with a few girlfriends and we sang and danced along into the night. And all this fun was only $20.

Theme runs are also on deal sites fairly often, so perhaps you can do like I did and start a team for the Color Me Rad 5K. There’s also been mud runs and zombie runs, as well as many fitness deals to try out things like boot camps, yoga, boxing and other fitness classes. Grab some friends and mats to try it out, so you don’t feel silly by yourself.

There are some fantastic ways to have fun for less out there, but like anything in this world, be sure to do a little bit of due diligence! When looking at deals sites be sure to:
  • Check out the pricing with the actual vendors to see how good a deal you are actually getting.
  • Read reviews for those vendors to make sure you won’t be saving money at the cost of customer service or quality of goods.
  • Read the fine print to watch out for blackout and expiration dates.
  • If you’re getting a restaurant deal, remember to tip as if you were paying full price.
Once you’ve checked it out, grab your Groupon, make reservations if necessary and take your significant other or your friends out to have a great time!

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  1. Ooh, I love groupon for restaurants and things - I didn't realize that they had runs and concerts too! I get the emails for Toronto, but I'll have to pay closer attention from now on! :)