Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Craft Journals

Do you keep a craft journal?  Now that Pinterest is around, I guess a lot of people save their craft ideas right there... but here's a project I came up with before Pinterest, that for some reason, I've never blogged about!

I started with this old folder that I had, and made it a bit more visually appealing.  I added paper, sticker, book quotes and more... just stuff that inspires me and would make me want to open the book.

Inside, the folder (which had a little metal tab to keep everything in place), was divided into sections.  The first section was for tutorials and templates, and I included different ideas that I found scattered around the web, but I also included several sheets of lined paper, so that I could add my own tutorial ideas.
This was particularly useful for blogging, because I could write down what I was doing, and scribble out or add notes as I went along.

I made sure to include dividers with pockets, so that I could slip anything in that didn't fit between the metal tabs.  I have a habit of picking up those little craft sheets from Michael's, even though I rarely make anything from them... so this was a good place to store those.

This picture just amuses me, because even way back then, it was absolutely necessary to have a full tab of party ideas.  I've always loved throwing parties, and I'm super stoked that I've now organized that into my new venture, Superflash Creative.  I would love to help you plan your next party! Just leave me a comment and get in touch.

I'm actually kind of sad that this book didn't end up making the move with me, from Toronto to Florida.  Even though I didn't use it much in the last year or so... it makes me nostalgic.  Perhaps I will just have to create myself a new folder!

So, how do you organize your craft ideas?  Has it changed in the Pinterest days, or do you still keep things on paper?

I'll leave you with this lovely quote from the inside cover :)

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  1. I do not have a craft journal, but this is very cute! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me party!