Thursday, November 3, 2011

Masquerade Ball - party idea!

Sorry for the few and far-between postings! Life was really busy for me through the month of October - hopefully November will calm down a bit before the Christmas rush! 

Crashing the photo

My birthday falls on the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, which is pretty awesome!  But sometimes, it means that friends go home to visit their families, since it's a long weekend.  So for my birthday this year, my boyfriend and I decided to host a Masquerade Ball.  We threw it on the weekend after my birthday, so it was between Thanksgiving and Halloween, and hosted it at my parents house, because their basement rocks.  We coordinated our colours (red, black, gold, silver, white), and asked our friends to come in fancy clothes, with a mask.

Sweet table closeup
Our sweet table was set up in a corner (with some awesome candelabras that my boy bought me for my birthday - and bleeding candles that he made!).  We stuck to foods that were red, black and white, including a candy buffet, white chocolate cranberry cookies, and (not pictured at left) - white frosted cupcakes and dark chocolate brownies.  We bought some helium filled balloons, in red and gold, to fill the space further.

Wine Bottle candles & book shelfWe tried to have decorations as far as the eye could see.  The main table was set up with a white table cloth and red runner.  We made candle holders out of wine bottles (with more bleeding candles) - and the bookcase behind was adorned with some feather boas, skulls and creepy cheesecloth, along with some extra masks we picked up at the dollar store for decorative purposes (and for any party poopers who showed up without a mask to pose with!)

Alcohol bottles
Over by the bar, we took some bottles that we bought at the dollar store and made our own paper labels for them.  We filled each up with a different type of alcohol or mix (tonic water, vodka, cranberry juice and rum, I believe) - and these were set up on display, so that guests could either serve themselves or be served with other drinks behind the bar.

Loot Bags & grand prize trophyNaturally, we had loot bags for all the party-goers, and the golden skull you see at the back is actually the prize for best mask! 

I will try to post more pictures from the party later, but if you need to see them right now... check out the Masquerade Party set over at my flickr for all the awesome pics!

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