Monday, February 28, 2011

All U Need Is Love wedding card

Here's a card I made for two of my friends who got married this weekend!  (Hopefully they've already opened it, or they don't see it online before they do!)

  • silver patterned cardstock
  • gold vellum
  • blue ribbon
  • silver paper
  • gold cardstock
  • stamp & ink pad
  • Cricut Cartridge: Straight From The Nest
I started with a 5.5" by 4" card base.  Next, I cut the silver patterned cardstock to about 4x3 and glued it down.  The gold vellum is about 5.5" by 2", and is glued down across the middle.  The ribbon is cut down to size at 5.5" and glued on top of the vellum.

Then I took my Straight From The Nest cartridge and cut out the shadow (silver) and main (gold) "Bird4" border image at about 2 inches.  I glued them down on top of the ribbon.

Then I just took my stamp & teal ink and stamped my main greeting along the bottom... and done!

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  1. I am making this card to send to Holts.
    Maybe they will stop asking me to pay for my clothing

  2. Very cute Katie! I don't know if my cards will ever make it to your level!

  3. Haha, aww thanks!
    All it takes is a little bit of practice! I bet you could make something like this, or very similar, if you tried! :D

  4. I think the issue is I don't have the same tools/supplies. I get my supplies from the dollar store, and I don't scrapbook so I don't have the fancy tools. Ah well. I like what I come up with well enough.

  5. The vast majority of my paper and supplies come from the dollar store, or the clearance bin at Michael's LOL!
    The Cricut is the most expensive scrapbooking-related tool that I own... my parents bought it for me for Christmas, but for the most part, I try not to spend *TOO* much money to feed my habit (I did in the past, but I'm definitely cutting back ever since I moved into my condo)

    I really wanna have a card-making night with you! LOL

  6. I have already said this, but for posterity's sake, I think this card is adorable beyond words' conveyance. You are crazy talented (crafty, one might say!), and I hope you never stop.

  7. Gorgeous card!
    Katie, I've just followed your blog (found it on the Follow and Be Followed thread on SITS girls) - please follow back!

  8. Thanks so much for dropping by and following (and for the compliment!) ... I am following you now as well! :)