Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick & Easy Valentine's Treat

Still searching for a quick Valentine's treat?  Look no further!  I first saw this idea for chocolate dipped Oreos on D.I.Y. Louisville's blog - a semi-handmade treat that looks pretty and will be very well appreciated, especially if you present it nicely.  Check out her site for the full tutorial... but basically what you'll need is some lollypop sticks, Oreos (I used Cool Mint, to give it a little bit of a different flavour), chocolate or candy melts, melted, and some sprinkles.

Then all you do is stick the lollypop stick in the middle of the cookie, coat it with the melted chocolate, and rest it on some wax paper to dry.  Add your sprinkles before the chocolate dries.

For my presentation, I used some cellophane bags with pink heart ribbon tied around them.  I cut out heart shapes using my Cricut... and on the back, I used one of my new Stampin' Up stamps (from the Amour Par Définition collection) and signed it.

The most time consuming part was waiting for the chocolate to set!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. The cookie pops look great! Thanks for linking to our tutorial!

    julee @ diylouisville

  2. Looks so good!! My mom and I do them with two oreos and use icing as glue in between the two! I bet they would be supper nummy using golden oreos! Oh Katie you have made my mouth water!