Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday card fit for a princess

Yesterday, a very special little girl turned 6 years old.  She loves pink and butterflies more than anything... so naturally, I had to make her a card that incorporated both of these elements.  I didn't take any process photos, so I'll try to just describe what I did.

I started with a printed pink base card.
Then I cut out the silver & white cardstock with pinking scissors, and the silver paper with a paper cutter (and wrote the text by hand, with a Sharpie pen).
The black and white polka dot strips are actually stickers, and I just cut them to size and laid them across the card.
The pink bow at the top is stuck on with a dimensional sticker.
The flower and butterfly at the bottom of the card are stickers.

The butterfly was cut out using my Cricut Home Decor & More cartridge.  First, I cut out the butterfly shape.  I popped it out of the paper, and sliced it in half, so that I could fold the wings upwards to give the butterfly dimension.
I set those aside for a bit, then I took what was left of the main sheet of paper (ie the silhouette), and I used Smooch Spritz spray ink in black.  I held the spray ink pretty far from the page (which had some scrap paper laid down underneath, so that I didn't ruin my table) to get the light ink spatter pattern.
Then I cut out a little border of the silhouette, and glued it down to my card.  I took my two butterfly halves and stuck them down in the middle of the silhouette, and folded the wings up.
Voila! All done!

I also created this little insert for the trinket box that I presented her present in.  See if you can figure out how I made it.
(I'll give you a hint... the items used were:
- Smooch Spritz spray ink
- a patterned mask for the ink
- my cricut
- a few stamps & some ink.

And an even bigger hint... you can click through the Smooch Spritz tag on my flickr to see some process photos!)

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  1. Soo pretty!! I especially love the insert.

  2. So so so adorable! I really want to get back into crafting and you are making it seem so easy...maybe my May goal will be homemade bday cards for everyone!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Kel - You totally should! I've been making homemade birthday cards for several years now, and it's just so much better all around! :)