Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of greeting cards in May...

 Birthday Card
Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card for my grandmother
May is a big month for greeting cards... between birthdays, Mother's Day, and various other events like showers, new babies and then some.  I like it, because it means I get to flex my creative muscles.

The first card here is a birthday card for my sister.  I used a turquoise, white and red colour scheme, and my first step was to gather objects in those colours and decide which ones I wanted to use.  I picked out a heart-shaped doily, a page from a French novel, some ribbon and a sparkly brad, and then some scrapbook paper.  I used my Cricut cartridge to cut out the star, and a stamp that says "Happy Birthday".

The second card was for my mom on Mother's Day .  I used images and lettering from my "Wall Decor and More" Cricut cartridge, and a pink, brown and beige colour scheme.  Really love how this one turned out!

The last card was for my grandmother on Mother's Day.  I actually ended up making this one using only supplies I had left in my craft room at my parents' house, that I didn't take with me when I moved out.  It was pretty challenging, because I didn't even have a pair of scissors with a straight edge, or any of the proper adhesives!  I ended up getting creative with the ribbon, and I adhered it to the card using my GeMagic machine!  I used blues and browns of different shades, and I think it came together quite nicely!

Anyone else doing anything creative this month?  Post your links in the comment section and share with the class :)

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  1. you made these cards. Very beautiful. I send a lot of cards and spend way to much money on them..

  2. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean... I realized several years ago that I was spending SO much money on cards, and that I could probably do a better, and more personal, job if I made them... so I've been perfecting my craft for a while. Most people seem to really appreciate them too, so it makes me feel good to give them! :)