Monday, May 16, 2011

Leftovers: from boring to delicious!

From boring to... Living on my own means that I often have leftovers of whatever meal I decide to cook, even if I do scale back my recipes.  So when I'm left with leftovers, I sometimes like to think of ways to make them a little more interesting.  A little while ago, I was confronted with the non-appetizing meal at your left.  It was great the first night... but it just looked a little unappealing the next day.

Yum! I rescued it by getting a little creative with the ingredients I found in my fridge.  I created a little dish inspired by my mom's "Pasta Al Forno," which is sort of like lasagne.  I added some chopped up hard-boiled eggs, pieces of ham, cubes of mozzarella & a bit of grated parmesan... baked at 350 for about 10-15 minutes.  And some garlic naan to go with it.  An entirely new, and exciting, meal!

Nachos I had some leftover taco meat, but no more shells.  That inspired this awesome plate of nachos for lunch (which I shared with a friend).  I make my nachos this way:
- First, lay down some (low sodium) nachos in a ring shape along the bottom of the plate.  Then add some taco meat & cheese on top.  Then add another ring of nachos & repeat.  Pop in the microwave for a minute or less, just until the cheese gets a little bit melted, but the nachos stay crisp.
Then add sour cream, guac and/or salsa to the middle for dipping... Voila! A beautiful plate of nachos, that were good to the very last bite.

How do you rescue YOUR leftovers?  Leave some tips in the comments!

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