Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crafty Gift Idea: Cupcake Ornament

cupcake ornament Christmas is long-gone, but here's an idea for next year! (I couldn't post this earlier, because I didn't want the people who were getting this gift to see!)  It's a simple gift for a baker, or a crafter... or just someone who likes a little sparkle on their tree - a cupcake ornament!

There are a few different tutorials for this on the web, but this is how I did it.  It's really simple and quick - the most time consuming part is waiting for the glue to dry!

- 1 cupcake liner (mine is from Ikea, because they tend to have really cute ones there)
- 1 styrofoam ball
- 1 small plastic red ornament
- glitter
- white glue
- hot glue gun (optional)

cupcake ornament top 1.  Carve an indentation, the size of the small ornament into the top of the styrofoam ball.  Use either white glue or a hot glue gun to add glue to the indentation, and press the red ornament into it, on a slight angle.  (I just used white glue - if you use the hot glue, make sure you work quickly, as it will dry fast)

2. Spread white glue over the bottom half of your styrofoam ball, and slide it into the cupcake liner.  Try not to press too hard on the liner, because you don't want all the natural creases to go away.  Let the glue dry overnight.

3. The next morning after it's all dry, add your first layer of sparkles.  Do this by spreading glue all over the top of the ornament, and sprinkling glitter all over.  Make sure you add some right around the seam of where the red ornament is.  Repeat 3 times, waiting for the glue to dry in between.  On the third time, you can be a little more creative, adding droops or swirls, like cupcake frosting would have.  You can even use a different colour of glitter.  The only thing limiting you is your own imagination!

Then, you're pretty much done!  Find a nice box to present it in... and give to the cupcake lover in your life!

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  1. Is that the one you made for Christina? It was SO cute!

  2. It is!
    I also made one for my friend Amy. I want to make one for myself for next year! :)